Home Staging

Homeowner Options

Home Staging Consultation & Report is the perfect option for the homeowner who wants a quicker, more profitable sale. During this 2-3 hour process, the homeowner and I walk through the interior and exterior of the home together, while taking notes on all the recommendations that we discuss.  I address furniture placement, accessories and window treatments, among other topics. A Color Consultation will be provided at no extra charge during the walk-through if I think it would be important to the sale of the home. $225

Schedule Staging-by-the-Hour and I’ll either work with or without you to make your home ready to sell. Every attempt is made to work with what you already have but if you’d prefer, additional items will be recommended and/or sourced. You or your realtor will receive digital photographs of the beautiful rooms we complete. This service is ideal for estate sales, owners who need help getting the process started, or who are just plain short on time. $75/hr.


In the staging photo above, items that the homeowner had were repurposed and arranged to create a focal point. This focal point drew attention to the gorgeous window seat and outside water view.


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